• Fish in “brochette” with prawns grill and mushrooms sauce  gluten16x16 llet16x16
  • Open sea bass “a l’espatlla” salted garlic  huevos16x16 gluten16x16 llet16x16
  • Grilled gilthead
  • Salmon with “cava” sauce  huevos16x16 gluten16x16 llet16x16
  • Leg grilled octopus with potatoes and “allioli” sauce
  • Tuna fish with vegetables catalonia style  gluten16x16
  • Seafaring hake in casserole with clams  huevos16x16 gluten16x16 llet16x16 cacahuetes_16x16
  • Sole without bones in asparagus sauce  huevos16x16 gluten16x16 llet16x16
  • Angler fish in potatoes with fisher sauce  huevos16x16 gluten16x16 llet16x16 cacahuetes_16x16