Seasonal menu

Appetizers (to share)

  • Toast with “escalivada” (roasted eggplant, onion, and pepper with olive oil)
  • Home made croquette and “pinchos” with greek pasta
  • Small grilled squids and prawns
  • Lettuce heart with tomato and tuna fisch
  • White “botifarra” medallions  with honey
  • Marinated cod spoon
  • Toasted bread rubbed with tomato

To choose

  • Open sea bass salted garlic
  • Grilled gilthead
  • Soupy rice with crayfish (min. 2)
  • Sirloin og ham in al “Café de París” sauce
  • “Xai” grilled lamb with roasted potatoes
  • Grilled “ibérico” pork ribs


  • Day’s desserts

Price: 29 € IVA included

Drinks and coffee are not included
2 people mínimum