Tarragona is a city full of light and colour. The Mediterranean climate and character, the cosy atmosphere of the streets and people’s hospitality make it a great leisure and cultural space at the open air. Tarragona is synonymous with party and party is on the street. The schedule of festivities in the city encompasses the whole year, given by the wide range set by traditional festivals both local and from all regions of Catalonia.

Another great attraction for visitors is the 15 miles of coastline that give rise to attractive beaches and crystalline water and easily accessible creeks.

In 2000 the UNESCO committee, meted in the Australian city of Cairns, decided to give the recognition of World Heritage to the archaeological site of Roman Tàrraco. This recognition should serve to ensure the conservation of these monuments and to give them known internationally.

The archaeological complex of Roman Tàrraco is also recognized as one of the 7 wonders of Catalonia.

The city of Tarragona is located 20 km. from La Bota restaurant.