The idea for the Restaurant was conceived at the beginning of the nineteen sixties. In the beginning, “La Bota” had a more rustic and simple structure than it has today. It was created from a barrel, which formed the centre of the building, and was gradually refurbished and extended as the years went by. “La Bota” (the barrel) is authentic, and is approximately 200 years old. It was made with American oak wood and has a capacity for about 60,000 litres of wine.

In order to move it from its original location and install it in its current site, it had to be disassembled, piece by piece, since the cellar where it stood had been built subsequently and it proved impossible to move it out through the large entrance door.

Thus, delving into such a peculiar and charming restaurant is like embarking on a fantastic journey through history, via our senses of taste, smell, touch, hearing and sight. And this is how, by awakening the sensitivity of these senses, how simple and everyday food is transformed into magical and unforgettable meals.

We have beautiful and luminous dining areas, ranging from the small and cosy room for 12 people – inside the barrel – to a large dining area for 100. In summer, the terrace is also open for lunch and dinner. All the spaces are pleasant and homely, and are suitable for business meals, meetings with friends, family celebrations, as well as intimate dinners at large tables.