Set meal on working days

First to choose

  • Escudella de pagès (soup) “Api” “Gluten”
  • Andalusian gazpacho “Gluten” “Sulfits” Ous
  • Fish soup “Peix” “Crustacis” “Mol·lusc” “Gluten” “Fruits “Api” “Sulfits” “Làctics”
  • Vegetable noodles with Tarragona pesto Ous “Gluten” “Làctics” “Fruits “Sulfits”
  • Scrambled prawns and mushrooms Ous “Làctics” “Sulfits” “Peix” “Crustacis” “Gluten”
  • Grilled vegetables of the day
  • Pear and nut salad with parmesan “Sulfits” “Làctics” “Fruits
  • Buds with tomato and tuna belly “Sulfits” “Peix”
  • Slice timpani with broad beans “Peix” “Crustacis” “Sulfits”
  • Cannelloni with béchamel au gratin Ous “Làctics” “Gluten” “Sulfits”

Second to choose

  • Pig’s trotters with sanfaina “Sulfits”
  • Baked picantó with rosemary “Api” “Gluten” “Sulfits”
  • Grilled sausage with french fries
  • Grilled squid “Peix” “Crustacis”
  • Iberian grilled steak
  • Parellada rice (without husk) “Sulfits” “Api” “Gluten” “Mol·lusc” “Làctics” “Peix”
  • “Roasted” fine noodles in the fisherman’s style “Gluten” “Sulfits” “Api” “Crustacis” “Mol·lusc” “Làctics” “Peix”
  • Jabugo escalopes with green pepper “Sulfits” “Gluten” “Cacauets” “Làctics” “Api” “Fruits “Mostassa”
  • Sea bass in romesco sauce “Làctics” “Api” “Sulfits”
  • Cod with white wine cream “Peix” “Crustacis” “Sulfits” “Làctics”

Toast with tomato

Dessert of the day


Price: 19€ IVA included

Drinks and coffees are not included

This menu is NOT available on weekends, holidays and long weekends, nor in August.


“Api” Celery |  “Cacauets” Peanuts | “Crustacis” Crustaceans | “Fruits Fruits with clove | “Gluten” Gluten |  “Làctics” Dariy product | “Mol·lusc” Mollusks |  “Mostassa” Mustard | Ous Eggs | “Peix” Fish | “Sèsam” Sesame seeds | “Soja” Soybean | “Sulfits” Sulfites | “Tramussos” Lupins

Some of our elaborations may contain traces. If you need more information, feel free to ask us. Thanks.