El Vendrell

Culture is a very important part of this town, whether from an association view nor the supply of museums, music’s cycles, theatre and other cultural activities.

For example, Pau Casals Auditorium is located in the maritime district of San Salvador, in front of the Pau Casals House-Museum. It has a modern and agile structure, designed for the basic function that had to accomplish, to be the concert hall.

Museum Deu was opened in 1995 in the town of el Vendrell. It is located in an elegant old house completely remodelled on the inside, in order to accommodate the four exhibition halls. The set of works that are exhibited was donated by the old solicitor of the village, Mr. Antoni Deu Font, who was capable to collect more than 2,800 art pieces such us paintings, drawings and watercolours; sculpture, Nancy glass and blown Catalan glass; contemporary ceramics, arts and crafts tiles and bottles of pharmacy; Gothic mortars; démodé furniture; religious art built up with precious metal, religious carvings, rugs, reliquaries, rosaries…

Located 3.5 km from the town, the beaches of the maritime districts of San Salvador, Coma-ruga and El Francàs are one of the main attractions of the town.